The Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies (CTMS) is an academic, educational and research center at the University of Winnipeg that approaches the history and culture of Mennonites within a transnational context. It recognizes that Mennonites are a global people, historically engaging as settlers in international migrations, multi-national residences, international social services, and foreign missions amidst a strengthening dialogue between communities of the Global North and South.  CTMS takes an inclusive approach to Mennonite Studies, considering the worlds of both acculturated and traditionalist Mennonites, those in Canada, across the Americas and around the world.  It focuses in particular on the following historical developments: 1) migrations to and from Canada, in particular those from Russia to Canada and the lived experience in Russia before those migrations; 2) Latin-American, supranational, Canadian-descendant traditionalist communities; 3) communities of the Global South, especially those in Africa and Asia, and their linkages to Canada.  It considers the Mennonites’ historic religious teachings on non-violence, service, environmental stewardship and community building in a variety of political and cultural contexts.